My skin crawls each time I think about the lack of privacy exhibited on Facebook!  I’m not referring to the positive news used to inspire and motivate others. I’m referencing the downright dirty posts meant to harm others, the family fights and the relationship drama.


I sometimes wonder if those posters realize how they are perceived by their audience. They provide a source of social entertainment, and then are upset about being judged. It’s important to remember that friends might support you publicly, but behind closed doors they are wondering if there is a screw loose and glad they aren’t related to you based on the inappropriate sharing that should be left behind closed doors.(hopefully the drama doesn’t impact employment later as your character is displayed publicly for them to see as well).


Of course there is an issue with followers as well, commenting in support of something that is obviously wrong which just fuels the inferno. Encouraging negative behavior that hinders the possibility of personal growth is really sad. I didn’t realize I was on the wrong path in my younger years (with behavior) until someone became brave enough to point it out to me, and suggested I get help. Oftentimes the best person to get advice from is a third-party who will give it to you straight, unconcerned with hurting your feelings. You will have to live with the consequences of your actions (and posts) which will be far-reaching once you hit send on social media!


At times associates have asked if I saw something they posted on social media. The answer is usually no because I spent my time on pages that inspire growth. My favorite pages are my Dave Ramsey Gazelles support page (since my goal is getting out of debt), a few blogging pages so I can grow in that area, several health and fitness pages since both are important to me, and I recently added a few pages that inspire writing since I’m in the process of writing a book. I prefer to be distracted by leaders helping me move forward in life, not by drama in the lives of others that does nothing for my future. I can’t pay my bills with other people’s opinions and if I want to see drama I’m old school and will choose to turn on Netflix instead.


7 thoughts on “Privacy

  1. I remember when I broke up with my ex in 2012 and she started writing cribgey statuses about me haha good times… Not so good then cause she was airing out our dirty laundry…

    The mistake people make is assuming everyone on FB cares about what they have to say, its a shame… Great post 🙂

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