Facebook: On Another Note!

Yesterday I posted about a major negative (for me) of Facebook being the inappropriate drama people feel the need to share on a regular basis.


Today I wanted to focus some positives. Please feel free to add to my list!


A major positive and my initial reason for joining Facebook (much later than others) is exposure. I’m involved with several Network Marketing companies (on top of working a full-time and part-time job) and created private business pages to market my products and maximize my time. 90% of my sales come directly from Facebook posts. I don’t have time to host traditional home-based parties but desire the extra income they can generate. Creating private Facebook events also allows me to reach more customers, which increases sales.


In addition, I created my own personal Facebook business page for my Life Coach business, The Courage To Shift. I also advertise by uploading my blogs to Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and a few other Social Media websites. You can probably see my theme by now. I am ALL about Facebook as a source of growing my business, not participating in drama.


Interestingly enough, social media is the preferred method of communication for the majority of the population. I actually found out about several important events (including births and deaths of loved ones, job opportunities, etc.) via Facebook. I am not much of a conversationalist but I do enjoy seeing updates of family and friends as time permits. I watch live broadcasts of current events and recently attended my 20 year High School Reunion only as the result of noticing the Facebook advertising. I missed the 10-year gathering because I wasn’t yet connected and had moved away from my hometown. (I also learned to text against my will because my sons would only communicate with me that way when they were away from home so I was forced to jump on the bandwagon).


Another benefit of Facebook is that you can control what comes across your news feed and have the ability to unfriend anyone at any time (you also have the option to NOT friend anyone if you choose!). I have removed several contacts and it can be done without their knowledge (eliminating drama). You can also restrict your page so that no one is able to post on it, OR I really enjoy the feature that allows me to screen images prior to their addition to my page.


It’s also beneficial to learn the basics of any new technological feature simply because you never know when it might be required for a personal goal. My publishing company offered an Author Development Program and all of our communication and writing assignments are posted on a private Facebook page for evaluation. This was a stressful process for those that had not yet joined Facebook as they had to learn something new before they could even focus on the work itself, which delayed their progress.

So while we can’t control the drama, we can learn how to use it in the manner in which serves our main purpose. For me, it’s ALL about exposure and I’m anxious for the day in which I can promote the release of my book, The Renewal Of The Mind, later this year!


I really credit a lot of my success for the support groups that I am a part of, having 1-2 for each personal goal. We are all in one place (private Facebook page) from various parts of the world, encouraging each other as we strive to reach our similar goals. It makes a difference for me when I am surrounded by positive people heading in the same direction. I participate in groups that are working on becoming debt free, focusing on weight loss and health, blogging, Life Coach groups and it’s helpful that all of my employers all have business pages I can refer to for updates.

For me,  the benefit to using Facebook outweighs the associated drama.


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