At times I’ve found even the simplest of goals, the hardest to reach! This was true for both my 70-pound weight loss journey and my seven-year journey to financial freedom! Dave Ramsey defines his 7 Baby Steps (for getting out of debt) in an easy to read format (my 16-year-old took the class with me and understood exactly what needed to be done), and Weight Watchers was an even easier plan to follow (in theory) with only two proven programs to choose from. A lot fewer steps but yet I was a repeat offender, continuously moving through a revolving door. Why?


The answer for both is that success is 20% head knowledge, 80% MENTAL (Behavior)! That made perfect sense considering both plans gave me the steps for success upon joining! I knew what to do, I just couldn’t do it. The tools were just the starting point, not the final answer.


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