5 writing tips. — Lizzie Chantree

Great tips for aspiring authors, such as myself!

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Here are a few of my writing tips:

Tip 1: Read everything you can! A great way to learn more about a genre, what works and what doesn’t, is by reading a really wide variety of books by different authors.


Tip 2: Apparently, a reader often connects with the first character they meet in a book, so don’t wait too long to introduce them. I was told by a bookseller that they had just received a book from a publisher, which began with the viewpoint of one main character in the first print run and then changed to start with the viewpoint of the second main character, in the next print run, to see if this was true!

Tip 3: Write what you would like to read yourself. You are more likely to enjoy the writing experience if the endless re-reads when writing a manuscript, are on a topic you are interested in.

Tip 4:…

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