Daily Post


I really dislike being the center of attention. What I dislike even more is when people make a big deal out of my silence because they aren’t comfortable with it. I’m not a good choice when conversation is required as a source of entertainment.


Although I am a true introvert, I occasionally have gusts of wind occurring when I am in the presences of others that share my passions. I love to talk about future goals, blogging, health and weight loss, small business ventures, Dave Ramsey and getting out of debt, retirement, and other topics that dig deeper than how are you, what was for lunch, pets that I don’t have and the other minutiae conjured up when someone is just trying to pass time. I prefer to avoid the pleasantries when starting conversations and can do without the standard “how are you” opener when neither of us really care. I prefer to get straight to the point of the conversation.


You can probably tell by now that I am not a fan of small talk. It’s wasted energy for me and just like my silence makes other people uncomfortable, I feel the same way about small talk. I find it easier to just meet people where they are, rather than trying to get them to be something they are not.




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