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My goal this weekend is to quicken the revision pace of my first book, Renewal Of The Mind! Although I am working with focused intensity (as much as I can with two jobs and three volunteer opportunities), I have fallen behind on my personal deadline date which I’ve changed three times. Others may feel pressured by deadlines,  but I find that I can drag something out to infinity if I don’t visualize a finish line. Setting an end date forces me to come up for air and evaluate my progress, or lack of.



I don’t work well under major pressure, but do require a certain dose of healthy stress to stay motivated.  It’s more stressful for me to continue down the same unexplored path without having a reality check on my exact location so that I can regroup. At that time I look at the distractions in my life and start the process of elimination. If I am involved in something that does not support where I want to be in five years, it has to be put on the mental shelf.


While everything I am currently involved in is a priority, I still can’t be as effective as I’d like to be when focused on too many opportunities at once. I stopped watching television years ago when challenged by my Weight Watcher coach. She suggested if I had time for that, I had time to exercise (annoying at the time, but a lot of truth there!). She blew my excuse right out of the water.


Thankfully I learned long ago that I have the same 24 hours in a day as everyone else, it’s what I do with them that makes the difference when it comes to achieving my goals! If I quicken my pace, I can win any race!


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