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When I finally stopped and drilled down to the source of feeling like something was missing from my life, I realized I had to do something different. I had two major wounds that weren’t healing, and they had become a cancer in my soul turning me into a person I didn’t want to become.  I needed to address a failing marriage and a dead-end career. Both would challenge my financial situation and while it would be hard, I knew I would be better off in the long run. I mentally prepared for the beatings I was about to take and set off on my life altering journey.


While I worked three jobs after leaving my marriage (two the entire time of my marriage) to complete the critical goal of becoming debt free, I knew my body couldn’t sustain that long-term. My full-time job required a 4am start and I worked two additional jobs on top of it. I have never been more tired in my life! However, the feeling of freedom I have now made the struggle worth it. Once I completed my grueling debt free journey I needed to come up with a plan to generate additional income without accruing more wear and tear on my body (and soul). I can do anything for a short period of time to reach a goal, but working three jobs without the ability to enjoy life, for the rest of my life, or to even retire with dignity was no longer an option. I was done with settling, it was the reason I ended up in my current situation.

After becoming debt free, I needed a financial plan for my future.  Working until I drop dead isn’t a viable option. I have to admit, I’m not the smartest tool in the shed when it comes to technology (drives my kids crazy!). My skill set suffered from being in a situation so long without opportunity for growth. (if you need someone with street smarts, however, I’m your girl, lol!). Working multiple jobs just to stay afloat and help my son complete college with no student loan debt meant there was no time to enhance my own knowledge. The bags under my eyes were a constant reminder that I wasn’t getting enough sleep, but I had to keep going. There is no winning without a sacrifice of any kind. Once my son graduated I was free to focus on my own future, but not until then. Too many goals at once meant not being 100% at any one thing. That’s unacceptable for me.

On my debt free journey, I learned that a key to a successful financial future was connecting to my passions. Along with becoming debt free, I gained something equally valuable and unexpected from being a faithful listener of Dave Ramsey. A new belief system! Before my introduction to Dave, I didn’t think I was smart enough or that it was even possible to start a business and generate a sustainable income doing something I loved! With his guidance, I was educated on that fact that I did indeed have a skill set beneficial to my future goal. I decided to parlay my 70-pound weight loss (celebrating 12 years at goal this year!) and financial freedom success (debt free except the house but it’s just a matter of time!) into a prosperous Life Coach business. This is the story of how my life coach business, The Courage To Shift, was born!








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