Like becoming fiscally responsible, trusting my instinct is something I’ve had to grow into with a lot of practice. Sometimes, however,  acceptance of facts can lead to even harder questions. Should I act on my instinct and possibly make the situation worse before I’m physically and emotionally ready to deal with it,  or do nothing at all which is also a choice? What are the repercussions for both, and am I ready to ride the waves of the storm?


Usually there is a period of unrest when I take action on my instincts. Sometimes it can last for years (as it is now when instinct whispered that my husband was cheating), but the majority of the time it lasts for only a few months (as it is now when I decided NOW is the best time to write a book) because with two jobs, volunteering at a Divorce Clinic and building a Life Coach business, I didn’t already have enough on my plate. Instinct did tell me, however, that now is the time to write my book because there will never be a perfect time, or even enough time to do all of the things I want to do. The time is now!


I’ve learned to accept that when I act on my instinct, a by-product will be empowerment but first I will be uncomfortable with the comfortable so that I can move forward in life. It’s worth the wait.


5 thoughts on “Instinct

  1. First and foremost, congratulations on the decision to take up more and to write your new book! When we put ourselves in a position where we have to stretch outside of our comfort zones, we end up expanding our consciousness and setting new highs for our limits.
    Some of our decisions are based on reasoning, some on experience, some informed by necessity and others by instinct. I believe the age-old idea of trusting one’s instict as you have encouraged. There have been times when my decisions based on instinct have been reprehensible. Is that a reason to re-evaluate the advice on always trusting one’s instinct or should that be perceived as the discomfort that comes with venturing out of the comfort zone?

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