Like a woman starved for the wrong type of attention, I was seduced by every Tom, Dick and Mastercard (AKA Harry) that named the right price. It didn’t take much to win my heart, usually only  a free t-shirt. I was a cheap date, easily taken advantage because I wasn’t educated in the area of finances and was too excited to read the fine print. I was digging my own grave with my love affair with debt!

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I would be lying if I said I came to my senses and dissolved the toxic relationships before their painful consequences began to slowly bleed onto the lives of my children, but I didn’t. When life came banging on my door requiring immediate payback for my stupid tax, I was the not so proud owner of 10 credit cards and a Home Equity Line of Credit, which alone was $80,000.  My emotions were raw as I finally allowed myself to experience the full crushing weight of the devastation I’d caused single-handedly by calculating my total debt. Although it was a massive amount, I managed to claw my way out of my self-made grave in seven brutal years.The main ingredients for my success: hope, and focused intensity!





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