Learning to conquer my negative thoughts proved to be more difficult than learning to speak a foreign language. Not only did history try to dominate my future, my environment was an ally with my past to ensure defeat. It wasn’t until I woke up to the cold hard truth that the biggest obstacle to conquer in order to create the perfect union of my dreams and I was myself, did I began to stop spinning the wheels in my mind.  At that time I was finally able to create enough traction to leave those debilitating demons behind.

Automatic negative thoughts (ANTS) are constantly triggered by the challenging world around me. Growth in that area means they no longer consume me, but there enough scorned lovers hanging on to create a daily uphill battle. Thankfully the battle has been reduced from a mountain to a molehill. It’s work to stop FEAR (Future Events Appearing Real) from causing me to throw the towel in the ring and give in to defeat. Giving up on my dreams, however, isn’t an option. If I can conquer myself, I can conquer everything else.







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