Moving Forward!-Hezekiah Walker

Taking a break from my book (which I am seriously behind on!) to share my moment of inspiration. I thought maybe someone else might also be feeling ” some sort of way” right now while working hard at creating a new life, as I am. After all, it does take courage and a lot of hard work!

Distractions are trying to suffocate me but I’ve decided to focus on moving forward IN SPITE OF!  This song whispered my name last night, taking sides and fighting back against the knock down drag out battle I am currently involved in: with myself. In the past, I had a nasty habit of responding to what I THOUGHT was going to happen as if I could predict the future. I didn’t even wait for it to happen before reacting! WHO DOES THAT, lol…Oftentimes my intuition was (and still is) spot on, BUT I have never been successful at controlling the outcome. That nugget of wisdom is what I am focused on now to help me move forward.

It serves me well to remember not to allow F-E-A-R (future events appearing real) to seep into my subconscious. I usually can’t tell when fear is present during my waking hours as I am constantly moving on to the next task without a mental break. However,  I know it’s near when my dreams become dark in nature. AT that time I become INTENTIONAL about what I am feeding my mind. It’s time to drown fear out with positive words, songs and messages. This song was perfect.



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