Daily Post


Four years ago I decided to change my life (after marinating in victimization far too long) and at 50, I am hovering on the cusp of realizing my destiny. Shifting and stretching my mindset felt good after being immobilized for so many years.  I didn’t realize I had the option to crack the window to assist the process. This one tiny step took a lifetime to realize and once I found the courage, hope filtered in like a cool breeze on a warm Arizona day. In that moment, I exhaled.


Although I am only teetering around the cusp and still have several steps to complete on my journey based on life’s interruptions, I am appreciative of it. It is here that growth has occurred which is creating the needed momentum to propel me forward during life’s debacles. I have learned in the cusp that saying no to others means saying yes to myself, that I am worthy of more and settling in any area of my life was no longer an option that served my greater purpose, and survival of all of the minutiae from my past means I’m strong enough to handle whatever comes my way on this journey. I’m moving forward one day at a time, one small step at a time.



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