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When I read the definition of outlier, something that lies outside the main body or group that it is a part of”, I immediately felt a kinship.I only experience peace of mind when I listen to my gut instincts, or my “knowing” as it was referred to during my Life Coach Certification process! It’s effortless to follow a crowd and I’ve noticed that during those times (few and far between for me), I was liked, even respected more. My opinion was valued, as long as I agreed with the consensus. Thankfully I grew out of that stage, being liked required more energy than I had.


I’ve never been known to ride the waves of others. I usually hitched a ride in on my own personal thunderstorm, the type of damage and casualties left behind depending upon how deep the emotional wound was carved into my soul. Most times that meant facing man-made obstacles I wouldn’t have had to otherwise deal with. Life would have been easier had I just embraced that old saying, “go along to get along”. I did, at first. Over time, life experiences altered my perception. I went from being uncomfortable holding the outlier title, to embracing my quirks right down to my core. It’s both refreshing and awkward at the same time!




6 thoughts on “Daily Post

  1. I agree, being “liked” requires energy….which is why I always perform functions I deem appropriate for myself instead of what others think…naturally I do try to make sure that im in the right overall, but my decisions are not to be dictated by others…its amazing how little control you have over your life when you passively take every opinion handed to you

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