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I am a lover of words, this is one of my favorites! My heart skipped a beat when I laid my eyes on this beauty, an old flame from my past. My first thought was of a contest I held on Facebook to come up with an inscription for my new Thirty One organization item! I am as creative as a wet noodle, but I know how to be resourceful and engage others that have the talents I lack (sometimes things are all about WHO you know!).

The winner came up with a phrase she felt described me, a combination of my name and the word tenacity! I was honored! Pronouncing my name (Juan Te) is challenging so I will try to assist. Juan (pronounced like the hispanic name), Te (pronounced like Tay) is my entire first name, although it is two words which confuses most people. Her combination flowed perfectly!


Under the plastic protector is a motivational passage called “Attitude”, a daily reminder of what I need to focus on in order to be successful. It also helps to revisit this old friend when I need a spiritual lift! On top of the “Attitude” passage is the Mantra pulled from my soul (felt sooooooo good!) during the Life Coach certification training on 02/7/16! This gave me direction and specific steps to take on my journey. Without a roadmap it’s too easy for me to wander aimlessly without a purpose. Today I will add a calendar reminder for each February seventh date to revisit my five-year plan to see if I’m on track so I can make adjustments as needed!


My tenacious personality has been a constant companion for many years now. The secret is so simple people miss it.  Ever heard that saying, “We don’t change until the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of change”? I simply got tired of being sick and tired.  Until I became pissed off and exhausted, I settled for less than I deserve. I’m not going back to those feelings that held me hostage in a place I didn’t belong.

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