I’d been away from church nine weeks, selfishly prioritizing another commitment over my worship service. Although God provided the GRACE needed to survive without losing my job or my mind, there were dark clouds looming on the horizon! They’d inched closer each week of my absence, threatening a take-over. I’d been away far too long and the routine wear and tear of daily mental and physical challenges was starting to present itself in unacceptable ways.


Guilt on the other hand, nibbled at my soul daily, accusing me of being a traitor. I’d vowed to attend church weekly if my Sunday morning 4am shift ever transitioned to an evening. Receiving that blessing meant I no longer had excuses. I’d even gone nervously into battle for that schedule change specifically because I realized how critical starting my week off with “the word” is for my life. Feeding my mind the appropriate fuel at the beginning of the week empowers me to face my fears (and the crazy!) with confidence and also serves as a reminder that God is in charge. I am only a passenger so there is no need to try to take control of the steering wheel, from the backseat!

Based on the upcoming trials for the remainder of the year, I’d say my homecoming to Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church was very timely. I am now armed with the appropriate weapon needed for all challenges, my spiritual community!

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