Daily Post


I have to come clean. Cranky is definitely a characteristic of the Cancer’s (Zodiac Sign) diverse personality. For me, that split personality shows when I’m beyond the normal levels of exhaustion and hunger. This happens weekly with working my 4am shifts, so at least I have a halfway decent excuse. Like the skin splitting heat of the blazing Arizona sun, being forced out of my bed at 3am is something I’ve never gotten used to after almost six years! I’ve recently had an epiphany, however. When I am on a one way road following destiny, I am oblivious to the temper tantrums performed by my stomach and eyelids.

One Way

Today was the perfect example. I’ve just completed my two early shifts back to back, and normally I am summoning all of the spirits to hold me upright by Friday at 1pm (really by 10am but I have to continue the torture for another three hours). Yesterday, however, I ran errands after work and then painfully shopped for an acceptable outfit to wear at today’s photo shoot for Kerry Magazine! Kerry Magazine is a new type of magazine that uses real women as models and encourages you to feel beautiful as you are right now (with or without make-up!). I’m honored to be one of the five feminine and fierce Entrepreneurs featured in her upcoming Summer issue!


Although the days leading up to the event were long distance marathons, my split personality did not make her usual untimely appearance. Normally she emerges suddenly out of nowhere, sticking her foot in her mouth as she makes her grand entrance! Today I only vaguely remember thinking “I’m hungry” well past my normal snack hour and fatigue did not attempt a take-over until much later. The road to success always requires sacrifice.



I levitated high above the duo (hunger and fatigue), transported to Cloud Nine by the presence of  magnificent souls traveling down the same entrepreneurial path as myself. I was in unfamiliar territory, totally relaxed with the ability to be who I really am without concern of judgement. When I slow-dance completely in tune and totally engrossed with destiny, the crankster has no pathway for entry. She is completely over-ruled by peace!


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