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I’ve never been interested in climbing the Corporate Ladder. It’s not that I’m unmotivated, fraternizing with the enemy has never appealed to me.  I dislike the image of trying to pry the grunge from my soul at the end of each day, only for it to resurface on next. For me personally, the amount of money received is not always worth the emotional investment. Don’t misunderstand, I know management is often forced to make decisions they might not necessarily agree with, and often have no choice but to be the conductor of bad news. The longer I live, the more I value the presence of peace in my life and as such my decisions are shaped with that goal in mind.


There is, however, a thrill associated with climbing my own personal ladder! I’d been marinating in the same position for a while, afraid of the unknown and the structure had started to disintegrate  beneath me. I took a deep breath and peeled myself away from the expectations of my safety net, stretching on tiptoe for the next rung to reshape my future. The structure, though worn and creaky, held under the weight of my dreams and I began to advance. While I am still a work in progress and the climb is exhausting, the decision to take control of my life has been worth the violations on my personal life necessary to achieve success.  17554181_10211293403642825_4568810499611588912_n

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  1. Kathy says:

    55 years old, and just beginning to allow myself permission to create my own happiness, after years of enabling others to create theirs. I agree…corporate politics were never my thing. And my husband and I struggled for years before we could go grocery shopping without a strict list and a calculator! When we finally arrived at the point where there was “leftover” after the bills were paid, we learned the principle of “need vs. greed”…i.e.: we could work the overtimes, the holidays, the extras, but did we need to anymore? We found that the truer we stayed to our values, the more doors opened for us without the struggles. Very difficult, but so worth it!

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    • We are both late bloomers, my making that decision at 46. I love that, need versus greed! I’m actually living your example right now. After working three jobs for all those years to get out of debt, I only have the house left. While I could kill my self working the full time job for a few more years and knock it out, I decided I wanted, but didn’t NEED to. I weighed the emotional cost against the hourly cost of paying my home off early. I decided keeping my sanity was more important.


  2. I hold a longing to be able to see ‘management’ not as the enemy but as vulnerable humans in perhaps the greatest need of compassion because they think they have to serve the ‘greater good’ at the expense of others. This is a big challenge for me as a practitioner of what marshall Rosenberg called ‘nonviolent communication – the language of life’. I was so moved when I heard him explain how enemy images are the foundation of all violence … and I know he struggled deeply with applying this, because it can be so painful and despairing to see power used in ways that hurt

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    • Well said, really quite beautiful! With a background in HR, I’ve seen and experienced both the compassionate and the enemy. I’ve been a part of the staff ruled by invoking fear, and part of others that were clearly sad when they have to comply with the decisions by Corporate and lay off employees. Managers are just like anyone else, products of their environment and we are all worthy of compassion. When people in general elevate themselves and take advantage of their title, mistreating others because they feel the hat they wear allows it, I take issue. However, I’ve experienced more of this in a non-union state.

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  3. Hello, I know it is very depressing to stand down or in middle in the success ladder. But this up and down is what we have made ourselves like a glass half filled or empty. This is up to u as u see it. By the way loved ur 10 steps 2 success.

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  4. Oh so true.. I’ve been on a journey for the last year and finally took the leap of faith a few weeks ago so fingers tightly xx for my new and exciting adventure in life.. Being in control of my own destiny instead of being a slave to others is definitely my new path!

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    • “Being a slave to others”, I resonate with that all too well.It’s more painful at my current age of 50! Even though it is overwhelming to work a full time and part time job while building a business, I’m happier than I have ever been! The light at the end of the tunnel makes the stress totally worth it! I don’t believe in luck so I will just send positive vibes your way!

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      • Yes.. my current age is 56 and it definitely feels like the right thing to take destiny into my own hands… and you are right – we make our own luck don’t we? x

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