Proud Mom Of A New (PAID)Engineer!


It’s been over a century since I’ve protected my youngest child from the harsh elements of life, safe and secure in an infant blanket! In fact, I don’t recall a single memory of him being attached to any sort of life-preserver at all. He always faced challenges as they came head on,  and dealt with them accordingly. He was born with the spirit of an old soul and like Einstein, didn’t speak often and/or unless he had something of value to share.  Even though his thoughts were hoarded, when they finally spewed forth,  they resembled molten lava trickling slowly (but with intention) from an erupting volcano! They were equally intense!


When the magnitude of my son’s intelligence showed up on my radar, I vowed to do whatever it took to provide a college education. Thankfully, I was introduced to Dave Ramsey when my son was 16 and received my own education on the possibilities of a debt free graduation! Prior to FPU, getting him through college meant signing my life away for him on student loans. I loved him so much I was willing to slowly submerge myself into debt, ruining my financial future while trying to create one for him. I truly thank God that I didn’t! Education is extremely important, but wasn’t worth going into debt for.


I was crushed when my son wasn’t immediately extended an offer to join the family of a local Engineering firm. It seemed to me that the country was going to hell and a handbasket (as my mother used to say). Ensuring a free education for future leaders would benefit not only those gifted thinkers, but society as a whole. I’m not impressed with the current government, or the reality show I am an unwilling participant in! I feel like our future is in jeopardy, but it’s a good thing that feelings aren’t facts!


After almost a year to the day, I’m proud to announce my son has escaped the degreed population lacking the opportunity to put their newly acquired skills into practice, and transitioned to being reimbursed for all of the times he turned down fun and stayed focused on the task at hand. As of May 1st, he is a Contracted Engineer! Although he is taking the news in his standard laid-back fashion, in my mind I’m doing back-flips, jumping for joy and definitely sharing the news with anyone that will listen! His invisible security blanket, his mom, has been folded up and stored away for good! It’s exciting to see what the future holds for him!


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