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None of us are getting any younger and like a BFF, my body sends friendly reminders (and constant painful updates) of the aging process as I speed towards my 51st birthday!  I am learning that minor adjustments can make the transition easier (usually medications, lol), as well as the reality that I need to mentally accept certain conditions I don’t appreciate, but can’t control. I especially dislike the wear and tear on my body that happens even though I am very active, eat fairly healthy (but will never be obsessive about it cutting foods I enjoy or sugar), and have maintained a 70 pound loss for thirteen years now.  My rebellious mind encourages me to believe I shouldn’t have issues when I have taken much better care of myself as an older adult than I did as a young adult. I don’t really mind the gray hairs other women seem to look at with hostility, and I have not yet felt the need to color my wisdom. In fact, they are like badges of honor!


Aging is definitely a learning process and although my mother is enjoying her family that left this earth before her, I wish she were still here to support me on yet another major hurdle I need to conquer gracefully.  Even though our relationship was strained at times, she was always my number one cheerleader. Since she isn’t available today for guidance, I completed my own research. I went to Facebook (everything is true on Facebook, isn’t it?) and solicited thoughts on the aging process, searched for positive quotes from women I admire, and found a helpful Washington Post article. Sharing what I’ve learned below, hopefully, something helpful will resonate with you.



Facebook comments on aging ( likes and dislikes from people I actually know).

  1. Forgetfulness
  2. Old lady noises…moans or groans one makes when rising from bed, a chair, bending over, etc!!
  3. Not getting out of here alive (her positives and she says there are many more!)
    Math becomes real simple at 66 young lady
    I could go on (too bad she didn’t, inquiring minds wanted to know, or at least I DID!)
  4. Disappointed that my body can’t keep up with my brain ( I have some health issues that you hopefully will never have)… still, I strive to stay active and keep moving. I admire those who keep active physically and mentally through their 70s, 80s, and beyond!
  5. I’m 63 and physically, no complaints. I really feel like aging is mellowing me out. I’m much less anxious and stressed than I was in my 30s & 40s. Drama is a thing of the past and that WAS my past! Embrace the aging and think of all the possibilities ahead! I brought back a favorite pastime of mine–sewing–and I’m thoroughly enjoying it!
  6. More relaxed …really I wouldn’t want to be younger again. Priorities shift and life comes into perspective
    To be ageless…don’t refer to a chronological # as a definition of who I am
  7. I tried last evening to come up with a response to you. I’m 72 and I think one of the most amazing things I’ve learned is my mind operates the same as it did all of my life. We seem to be taught that ‘old people’, whatever that means, are also “old” mentally. Not so unless there is an issue. My husband, 81, and I try to stay up with the changes in our lives. Both of us are very computer literate while others we know don’t want to mess with it. We read papers, books, try to be physically active. We know that keeping our bodies in reasonable shape is essential. The “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” commercial resonates. My husband found a few years ago that getting up from the floor was difficult…becoming more active and doing some yoga has helped both of us have confidence. I’ve learned to really do a lot of yoga for the strength, balance and confidence.I think there is nothing, at the moment, that makes me “feel” old. I’m enjoying every moment to the best I can each day.
  8. I feel that I’m starting the next third of my life. It’s exciting and envigorating. Yes I tire a little more easily, but I’ve learned to pace myself. Besides, aging is not for the faint of heart. Be Brave!

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