Daily Post


I will be forever grateful for the thoroughly frustrating beat down I took during an early morning staffing session. That “WTF!” kind of day jolted me right out of my lingering complacency, and headfirst into my destiny! In fact, it so intense that not only did I decide IN THAT MOMENT (after literally years of marinating in it) what I was going to do (and NO LONGER accept), I scheduled a same day appointment to investigate my options. It was time to raise my personal levels of expectations! As Anthony O’Neal so eloquently stated at the 2017 Smart Conference, I had let my kill zone become my comfort zone. Nothing ever grows there, including me.


Changing my mindset resulted in a changed lifestyle instantaneously. Decades of wound licking had hardened my soul and robbed me of hope. I finally DECIDED I was no longer settling for what life had regurgitated and planned my escape! I’m still a work in progress when it comes to creating the lifestyle I want. However, taking that initial step was all it took to create the momentum needed to propel me towards the finish line!



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