Daily Post-Pursue


Like peering through a looking-glass, I am a not so innocent bystander as life passes by while I travel in pursuit of my dreams. I feel no guilt as I focus on my goals and let the drama, OPP (other people’s problems), and minor issues take care of themselves. Anyone that would like support that requires my personal time (and takes me away from MY goals) can schedule an office visit as I am a Certified Life Coach and I’ve learned my time is valuable. This is the way I eliminate working harder for others, than they are working for themselves. I’m not just pursuing happiness, I’m working hard to create it! That means spending more time with others headed in the same direction, not wasting time with those suffering from a victim mentality. I left that thought process behind when I decided to take control of my life. I’ll revisit it only if I’m getting paid to do so, and even then, it will only be temporary, lol.


I’ve found that people will add to or drain my energy so I choose them wisely. I’m only good with the drain if money is involved. That way I am getting paid for the time they are wasting when they ask for advice they will never use, lol. This might sound harsh, but I am a late bloomer on my own personal journey to peace and a healthy retirement account. That means I’m on a personal mission to make up for my own wasted time! I can’t pay my bills with other people’s opinions and a major goal is to retire with dignity. Nothing against Walmart, I shop there. However, I would rather be hiking in Maui rather than working as a greeter during my retirement years.


Each event/activity I agree to participate in will either benefit my five-year plan or my personal enjoyment in some way. I’ve worked two jobs for 29 years and picked up three the last seven years of my life while I worked on becoming debt free, survived a divorce, and helped my son graduate debt free from college! It’s time to live a little! I’ve even put my grown sons on notice. I’ve left the mom mentally behind but did pass on some words of wisdom (for free, I actually like my sons!). Work hard at creating the future they desire (while I work on mine) so they are in a better position than I am at age 50. Life is too short to spend it living other people’s dreams and paying for mistakes. Regret tastes like raw beets!


After 46 years, I finally decided to pursue happiness with diligence and learned it is acceptable to be selfish with my time! I’m in year four, and pleased with my progress!


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