Dave’s Musings! (Guest Blogger, Sort Of!)

Every blue moon I encounter a free spirit with an interesting take on life. I savor the rush of a different perspective and exchanging the memories (happy and painful) that guided us down the lonely path of our current belief system. Having learned to value, or at least consider a different viewpoint, I’m excited about the epiphanies of foreign ideas that took hold once I was emotionally present. If we were all the same, we wouldn’t need each other and life would be mundane. Enter Dave, definitely NOT your average guy! I was intrigued with the intricacies of his many opinions so requested that he share his thoughts for my blog. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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The Finite Number Hump Day Rule

I’ve told a few friends this revelation…

Every Wednesday, which you know is hump day, a dreaded time for those of us who worked a spirit crunching job, I used to go listen to Bill with his acoustic guitar at a restaurant for happy hour.  There were many times when I said to my friend, “I’m tired, I don’t want to go today”.  Invariably I would go.  As I enter the place Bill will sing a song he knows I like (a Creed song). I order my half price wings and beer.  I talk to my friends– we talk about our daughters or the pretty ladies across the table, sports, whatever.  Not too late into the evening we head home and I say to myself… “I had a nice night, I made Wednesday count and I was happy listening to music and chatting with my friends”.  Then I would think, you know, I only have so many Wednesdays in my life, I can count them, literally… count the number of weeks in a year by the number of years you expect to live – it’s a finite number, don’t do the math!!

I know you can make Thursday, Fridays, weekends, even Mondays or Tuesdays count, but when you make hump day count you’ve set yourself on a road to happiness.  Because God did not send you down here to be unhappy, enjoy every day!


Free Spirits

I’m not an overly religious person but I will always believe free-spirited people are a gift from God.  I’ve met a few… carrying way too much stuff in their oversized bags, wearing colors and hairdos that defy categorization, constantly smiling and laughing out loud, and just loving life without a prospect for a mind-numbing, spirit crunching 9 to 5 job—(they don’t want one).  I envy these people and wish I could be one of them.  When I’m around someone like that, (you would probably know when you meet one), I feel life affirmation and thank God for bringing that person into my life if just for a few hours.  So… if you see me walk out of a bar/restaurant or other place with someone I just met, it will most likely be a free spirit and we’re out on an adventure!


Per Dave, “this one is a little risqué”!


No sex, clouded thoughts

Most men suffer from an affliction very few women are aware of but can help to alleviate their suffering…

See, when men don’t have sex, and you may have noticed this, they start thinking strangely.  Sometimes aggressive, sometimes one-directionally, confused, etc.  This is because things have backed-up significantly in their body and brain.  The culprit is their semen, you know, those little devils that swim around unchecked in men.  They back up to the brain, making all kinds of raucous, throwing chairs, drinking liquor, eating chicken wings, and just being a total nuisance.  That really causes the brain to regress in safety and put up a wall to protect itself – in other words he stops thinking.  This confusion can be noticed when your guy starts saying things like “dude, put on the sports channel” in the movie theater.  There is a cure for this affliction – plenty of sex!!  It drains those buggers from the brain as if you flushed the toilet.  Then he starts thinking straight again.




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