Daily Post


It’s uncomfortable (but necessary) to reflect on my past, visiting it periodically to gauge my level of growth, or stagnation. In my younger years I suffered from a victim mentality, which provided an acceptable excuse to marinate within my comfort zone. The feeling of powerlessness offered an easy way out and I settled in every area of my life. I joined the ranks of millions that accepted life on life’s terms, solely focused on making it through the end of the day in one piece. After all, we were victims so there was no expectation of happiness or reason to hope for a better life.



As the years pass, I continue the hard work on myself,  pushing forward into unfamiliar territory to create the life I finally learned I was worthy of. It’s a relief to shed the dead weight previously used as a crutch, which encouraged me to remain frozen in fear (future events appearing real) for so many years. Now,  I surround myself with those headed in the same direction, or are already where I want to be.  I learn from them (taking copious notes) and am open to new ideas and ways of thinking. While I might have more challenges reaching my goals than others (based on my own poor choices), I no longer let my past define me.  There are no qualms about leaving people, places and outdated belief  systems behind that do not serve my purpose. It’s a great place to be.


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