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A large portion of my life was spent perceiving myself as a victim of my circumstances. It was a SLOW death, like fiery orange-ish red lava inching its way down an enraged volcano! The withering process started at my core and worked its way to my outer shell, collecting casualties and debris along the way. My environment held me hostage in a vice grip, jaws locked tightly into position around my heart preventing even the slightest movement. Even breathing was difficult. I could inhale the toxic waste, but I couldn’t exhale it or the vile side effects.


Hope eventually rode in like the cavalry to save my life, once my mind was willing. She caused me to question my final destination, and to take ownership of how I arrived there. What IF all of my problems weren’t really someone else’s fault as I was lead to believe by my peers! After all, I was the one common denominator in all of my problems. Reality forced her way in and put me on notice that my mind would only elevate to the levels of those around me. It was time to re-evaluate my belief systems and embrace the foreign idea that success, happiness, and even my basic survival depended on my willingness to change. And so it began.



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