At times the woman drowning in an emotional abyss purposely chooses suffocation. It’s easier to navigate the pain she knows than it is to risk her heart and face an enemy in unknown territory. Trusting again, even herself is no longer a viable option.  Depending on the pain scale, she might choose to close up shop for good. When this happens the world will know as she will strategically place her oversized “out of business”, bright red neon sign with 40 inch font” in plain view.


Sometimes a higher power decides (for her) it’s time for a Grand Re-Opening. Her rockhard exterior is melted and the fragile soul is gingerly coaxed out of it’s shell. She will exhale, and only then will she intentionally unlock the deadbolt, obliterate the steel vault behind it, and blossom into the loving spirit she was always designed to be.




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