Daily Post


The sun embraced the horizon as I printed out the ten multicolored FPU graduation certificates. The Kinko’s high-quality card-stock paper is ideal due to its thickness and flexibility over similar options and is as important as the ceremony itself based on what it represents. Although the words on the diploma will be forever engraved into the memory of the recipients, they carry more weight when used as a visual anchor. The nine weeks of intense training will cease tomorrow, the Gazelles will branch out on their own and either sink or swim. When the water ahead gets rocky, the life jacket will deploy for those in danger of drowning now that they have declared civil war against debt.


When asked if I am compensated for my time, I’m faced with a blank stare when I share that while there is definite value in Coordinating FPU, it isn’t monetary. They can’t sink their teeth into the fact that it’s a huge honor for Coordinators to be a part of changing lives and legacies. That is the only form of payment I need. Paper Benjamin’s can’t even compare to the physical and mental rewards received from volunteering.


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