Ethan Ellisor-Destroy and Rebuild Fitness, LLC


I was alerted to the volatile Entrepreneur blood surging through my veins at the tender age of 20. The sultry sweet nothings began with enticing promises of unlimited incomes, success directly related to my personal efforts, the ability to do work I love (which meant it wouldn’t FEEL like work), and a guarantee that there would be no misunderstandings with my boss, since it would be me! Although an eternity has passed, I still carry a torch for my old flame.


Although it seemed impossible, the rebel in me never gave up hope that the title small business owner would one day be removed from my bucket list and branded on a sky blue nameplate in bright, multi-colored letters (to ensure they stood out!)! I’m halfway there, having obtained my Life Coach Certification and started my own business, The Courage To Shift! I pulled this dream from the shelf late in life, however, so am still dependent on the man for a paycheck while I put in overtime to build my own dream. In the meantime, I love connecting and sharing the stories of entrepreneurs that have taken the plunge! A lot of their business comes from word of mouth so I believe in supporting their cause. I met Ethan on Facebook, and was inspired by a post that had his feelings resting on his sleeve for all to see. Check him out!


Tonight a thought popped in my head…

Left side of brain: why did you quit your job Ethan? It was safe, it provided security, it was admirable, etc…

Right side of brain: why do you always gotta bring that up when we’re stressed. Why can’t you just believe.

Left side of brain: I’m the left side of your brain and my responsibility is to protect you from harm. You let the right side of your brain make a decision without consulting with me. All the right side does is dream.”

Right side of brain: you know in your heart that following your dreams is the right thing to do. You have a purpose on this earth. You’re not like everyone else. You are unique and you are more powerful then you can ever imagine.

Left side of brain: what if you fail and can’t take care of your son?

Me: muthafucka!

Right side of brain: don’t listen to him, you will find a way. Look what you’ve created thus far. What you are doing is special. Eventually people will all realize it.

Left side of brain: keep listening to your right side and see what happens. I’ll be here when you start to think logically instead of living in a fantasy world.

That was tonight’s psychological warfare.

Destroy & Rebuild Fitness LLC /  623-225-0815
Where even the coach has to battle his demons 💪🏿. I’m willing to fight.

Are you?



Destroy & Rebuild Fitness is a strength and conditioning company that helps individuals become stronger versions of themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. We believe the body is only a vessel in which the brain operates. We implement a science-based approach to dieting and strength training that is practical and caters to each of our individual’s needs. Adherence is key to consistency and results, so we work closely with our clients to ensure that we are achieving their goals.

Before starting my company, I was an 8th-grade social studies teacher. I eventually left the school system after 13 years to pursue my purpose in life. My goal is to leave this earth empty, by giving it all that I am. Through my contribution, I obtain fulfillment through my purpose in life. I work with the common person trying to become healthier and fit, Powerlifters, and bodybuilders. Anyone who is looking to become a greater version of themselves should look into working with me and my team.


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