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For the first time in years, I’m unsettled in more than one area of life, at the same time. This is uncommon for me. I am THAT woman who has a backup plan for the backup plan and then another backup plan for that one, just in case. I analyze every possible outcome of any given situation and develop a strategy for each. Recently I’ve found myself in similar conversations with various people of influence. Even though the topic is on automatic replay and comes to life in different settings, it has not yet been resolved. In these situations, I know the Universe is trying to download a “life-altering” message. The challenge is that my force-field is in control, only allowing bits and pieces to filter through. I won’t be able to mentally move on until a plan is in place. For me, peace requires action.




The current challenge is how to deal with energy vampires when they cross my path. The best answer is to support them because hurt people, hurt people and need to heal. There are some, however, that I require limited contact with for purposes of my own sanity. I want healing to occur but I’m not the one to make that happen. In order to get the universe off my back, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to tailor an acceptable empathetic response each time I find myself in this situation.


It’s a great first step, but this decision is as far as I’ve gotten. I’m not great at coming up with canned responses and it takes discipline to keep my true feelings on the down low. My face has the bad habit of displaying TMI (too much information),  which causes communication issues. Do you have a response tailored to challenging situations? What can you share that has worked for you?


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