4 thoughts on “Respect

  1. Cutting people out of our lives is very difficult to do. Especially when it is a family member or someone for whom we really care. Yet, when the pain of having them so close is debilitating often we are faced with the sometimes only choice of letting them go. But here is something to consider. If the call on our life is to support, courage and inspire we are now looking through what hopefully is a clearer and more empathetic lens. I have personally found that I am much more sensitive to strangers than I am with those I have know for some time. Even family and friends. I like this post because without question I have to protect myself. However, it also has me searching for ways to create new bonds and breakthroughs with those that it has until now seemed utterly impossible.

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    • I appreciate your time and agree with all you have said so eloquently! My priority is taking care of myself, and donning my survival mask before I can assist others and be effective. As Iyanla Vanzant also eloquently said, “We have to meet people where they are, and sometimes we have to leave them there!” Some just want to stay in the minutiae, and continue live in the story. That is not my focus, nor is it an area of expertise for me because my focus is growth. Action plans excite me, which is why I chose to become a Life Coach and not a Therapist. I do, however, refer those in need of healing to a trustworthy support system. It’s up to them to take the next step. I heard this recently and loved it! ” The difference between a Life Coach and a Therapist is that “The Therapist is who you see when you want to jump off the bridge, the Life Coach is who you see when you need help CROSSING the bridge”. 🙏


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