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I still consider myself a virgin, though I recently marked my first year anniversary as a blogger. At times I suffer from severe growing pains but am grateful those frustrating sunrise surprises are now few and far between. My personal transformation as a writer blows my mind!  The initial reason for starting a blog was to gauge the level of interest in my writing style as a way of determining if I could effectively share my life story.  I was directed to inspire others by proving we don’t have to remain immobilized by the past. We have choices but shifting our mindset would be a requirement.

Life Coaches are encouraged to write books as a method of getting our name into the homes of those that need help with the healing process. I was initially intimated by the idea, even though long ago I yearned to scratch that itch. Today I find myself feeling some sort of way if I don’t experience the release I’ve now learned can only come through sharing my thoughts with the universe. Ready to divorce life as I know it, I frequently daydream about the ultimate rush associated with unlimited time to exchange passionate love stories with fellow WordPress bloggers.  I finally reached the conclusion that I’m obligated to finish what I started and there is no doubt that I have just enough moxie to make it happen.

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