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As I amble towards the last two defining moments that make up the first chapter of my life and the last in my book, I am blessed and so very grateful to be supported by published authors from the Tom Bird Author Development Program! Although I had limited writing experience, (Advanced Composition and a small stint on the high school newspaper in my senior year) when I initially joined the team, they instantly accepted me unconditionally. It’s not uncommon for them to unselfishly share resources and lessons learned as they themselves transitioned through the publishing process. Below are photos from my recent brunch with published authors Elizabeth Onyeabor and Lori Severson. I was so excited I’m surprised I didn’t pee my pants (which I almost did because there is only one tiny bathroom in that location, lol)…My heart doesn’t threaten to jump ship when it comes to movie stars or musicians but put me in the room with an author and I will surely hyperventilate! 20638474_10212505713589816_3816673775460177504_n

What DOES seems uncommon and often extends my weekly gratitude list, however, is their support via social media for strangers. No matter which Tom Bird session these authors emerged from, they are always at my social media fingertips (instant messenger, email or text) pulling me down from the ledge when my brain informs me that there’s nothing more to give that particular day. Several of my invisible support systems also share my blogs while waiting for my published work. Now THAT is pretty cool (considering I don’t even know them personally!) and I feel like I’m part of a dynamic secret society of network marketers! When who YOU know shares your information with who THEY know, and they share it with who THEY know, your odds of success are increased substantially! It’s the look I’m going for with this whole social media thing!


Below is a photo with Elizabeth Onyeabor,  the first to take time out of her busy schedule to assist me via a Facebook chat from Nigeria! I immediately prioritized the experience to meet her in the flesh and have my book autographed once I learned she would be in Arizona! (ordered it from Amazon and never thought I would have the opportunity for a personal autograph). It was a true honor!



Susan MacIver is the first published author I met in person after returning from my November writing retreat! She was gracious enough to meet me at a Starbucks near my work location for my own personal book signing. While my passion is always reignited by the presence of other souls that answered the same call to action as I did, it’s uplifting to see giving as a common thread among them.



This last photo is a small collection of books all written by Tom Bird authors!  Stay tuned for mine, my ambling days are now a thing of the past!



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