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I’m a repeat offender when it comes to eliminating that extra body that jumped on the scale with me each time I was forced to do so. Like other tortured souls who wrongfully allowed lack of success in this arena to determine our self-worth in others, I’ve tried a multitude of quick fixes.  Each lesson (there is no such thing as failure, only feedback!) caused me to rebound with more weight to lose than I originally started with. Between those short stints I always returned to my stable safety net, Weight Watchers. I didn’t know why I kept cycling through the same revolving door back then, always a visitor and never permanently unpacking my bags. When my health finally became enough of a concern for me to get serious, I analyzed it. The program was more realistic than the quick fix. In order to be successful I finally realized I needed a lifestyle change, not a diet. Diets never worked for me.


I didn’t have my epiphany in a Weight Watcher meeting as one would think, it was in the rooms of Al-Anon (a program that changed my life). They suggested addicts that attended weekly support groups were more likely to be successful. The light bulb finally came on! My name is JT, and I’m a food addict. I didn’t connect with that on my previous attempts, I wasn’t ready.  In that moment I committed to attending weekly Weight Watcher meetings for the rest of my life. It only made sense that if other types of addicts were more likely to be successful by attending weekly support groups, so would I. I would NEVER be healed from my food addiction and would always require support.


I stopped glaring at my unhappy reflection in the mirror, and took action. I never missed a meeting the entire 2.5 years it took me to make Lifetime. Over 10 years later, I still attend meetings and have never once gone over my healthy weight after honoring my commitment to self. I finally realized the secret to weight loss is that there is no secret. It’s just doing what it takes, day in and day out with no excuses. Excuses don’t burn calories!





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