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It’s only twice a year and although shorter than a one night stand, it’s stressful enough to cause heart palpitations, nightmares (in which I wake up screaming), and at times during the process I want to scratch my own eyeballs out! I-T has once again forwarded the dreaded hate mail informing me that it’s time to change,  and memorize (YIKES!) my network password! I only have two bundles of joy and after 17 years I’ve probably used every combination of their names and birthdays possible! I’m the non tech-savvy, pain in the ass employee that can actually forget the password WHILE literally in the process of changing it! When explaining technology to me, you have to dumb it down to kindergarten level. Sad, but true! I’m proud to say that I’m ahead of most that are still in denial. I admit my limitations and always apologize in advance for the pain I’m about to inflict when I “happen” to them (Verizon is used to me after 18 years and probably has a separate help desk personally for me).


Today I decided to loosen up and share memes on how this experience occurs for me, lol. I have to work later, and rather than procrastinating until the last day because I don’t want to experience the pain ( like I usually do), I will man up. The good news, however, is that I finally accepted that depending on post it notes and placing them in a safe place (that I can never remember the location of) isn’t really working for me. A sympathetic soul finally put me out of my misery and helped society by introducing me to the Evernote app. I’m proud to say I have finally learned how to add important events and reminders to it. Memorizing is now a thing of the past, unless I forget where I placed my phone!
















6 thoughts on “Daily Post

  1. Kathy Bewley says:

    I feel your pain. I finally gave up and have an index box in my home desk with all of the passwords on index cards. Now PIN numbers are an entirely different problem. I have been known to write those on my wrist on occasion.

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  2. Debt free 2020 says:

    I work helpdesk and sometimes I feel bad when people forget their passwords cause they need to be a certain length and so unique. Not to mention they also need to remember 2 other passwords for work as well as passwords and pins in their personal life. I blame the hackers!

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