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Last night’s Weight Watcher’s topic was Mindset. This was pretty powerful as it literally transported me back down memory lane. I remember reluctantly signing on to overhaul my own defective mindset (kids can sometimes make you do the strangest things!), and the history of pain that literally beat me into submission. (I was a lot more stubborn in the past than I am today, lol). Thanks to a willingness to explore the possibility that I could transform into a better version of myself, a partially open mind (wasn’t sure it would work but needing it so desperately made it worth the risk), support groups (definitely a support group junkie now, lol ) and mentors adopted along the way (which I will always have the need for), I’ve accomplished goals never imagined possible based on a history of dysfunction!
My shift in mindset allowed me to lose and maintain a 70-pound weight loss (12 years now), and punch debt in the face (among many other personal and professional accomplishments). Back in the day, I definitely ate emotions for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I also subscribed to the theory that money could buy love and keep troubled relationships afloat. Both were far-reaching, expensive lessons. This morning I realized MY truth. While change is definitely hard, it’s equally hard (and takes as much energy) sustaining an image of contentment. As I stumble upon challenges these days, understanding that the only constant in life IS change, I literally decide to CHOOSE MY HARD. If it’s going to be hard either way, it just makes sense to choose the hard the will provide the best opportunity for growth! These important memories arrived at just the right time.  I consider them  a blueprint for success as I launch the next chapter life of my life, building my coaching business and learning to express myself fully in a more productive way. 

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  1. Great post. No matter what our adversary it all begins in the mind. 33 years ago a homeless and hopeless addict, like you I signed on to something new which promised a new and better life. Little did I know it was not about a better version of who I had been but even more profound. Today a clean addict for more than 3 decades I have an entire new experience of life. What I did not expect was that I develop a profound love and appreciation for others in the process. Everything I do is connected to the service of others struggling with their own addictions and challenges. Perhaps what we have become is ambassadors of hope. As for me whatever this is, I love it and I caught it from others who too, had walked in my shoes.

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