Over the weekend as I mentally prepared for the transition into chapter two of my transformation (starting tonight), I realize I’d hit a barrier. After being elevated to Cloud 9 during an AMAZING Landmark experience the previous weekend, fatigue patiently waited as I descended the staircase and crash landed headfirst into reality.  It left bruises, as crashes usually do (lack of sleep is major!). Returning to my full/part-time jobs full speed ahead post-transformational seminar without time off to recharge means suffering through some unpleasant side effects. In spite of life’s challenges, it’s time to move forward.



While my life is forever changed because I finally understood I always had the power to create unlimited possibilities, the experience was physically and mentally brutal. My butt left an imprint in the chairs while enduring thirteen hour days as I revisited history and demanded a full refund for pieces of my soul previously stolen during the various stages of “shit happening”. Receiving less than five hours of sleep each night over the last two weeks has left me seeing double. Although I don’t do drugs, I resonate with that saying,  “I need a boost of something stronger than coffee, but less than cocaine!”.  Even so, it’s time to drop the story that I don’t have enough time to meet personal deadlines because of work.




During the forum, I was challenged to visualize goals made with good intentions, but still gathering dust on the mental shelf because they have gone unmet. Creating a multitude of justifications is common. The truth is, I rebelled like a teenager and allowed myself to be distracted from my goals by outside factors. Only one was a genuine setback due to a health challenge. The others were simply opportunities to rediscover life after a seven-year ghost move that made getting out of debt my only priority.  I’m grateful for the second opportunity to create the possibility of completing my first now nameless piece of non-fiction (a google search revealed someone else moved faster).


Tonight begins my bonus ten Life Coach sessions (entitled Breakthroughs) graciously provided by Landmark as guidance while actively creating my first possibility. Three months remain to end my year on a high note. Even though still cross-eyed from exhaustion, I’m going to make it to the finish line in time and have had the call to Jesus discussion with myself. Sometimes I talk back, but this time it was a one-sided conversation. My time is valuable and if a person or situation doesn’t help advance me to the end zone, they will be placed on standby. Becoming an author by December 31st JUST GOT REAL! I’m about to lose my popular status, but no longer in denial about what needs to happen!




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