According to Wikipedia, an athlete is a person who is good at a sport and competes in one or more sports that involve physical strength, speed or endurance. This definition didn’t sit right with me. I burrowed a little deeper and exhumed an interpretation more fitting , surprisingly from Nike. There are many like me that do not resemble an athlete on the outside, but internally we share their D.N.A. We may not have their skill level, but we are as dedicated. In fact, I’m pretty sure I was an athlete in my other life though my sons vehemently disagree.


I was introduced to my driven inner athlete twelve years ago, thanks to Weight Watchers, and she’s still going strong today. As a matter of fact,  at 51, I am one of the YOUNGEST members in my weight lifting class and am out-lifted by women much older  (OUCH, that stung a little!). Even though I don’t give 100% during every workout (usually give more after inhaling too much food), I’m more excited leaving the gym than arriving, and I say “&^#!!” a few times at each session, I consider myself an athlete simply because I have committed to my health and the process required to stay fit.

18813244_10211865141135905_7220240708558259988_n (1)

When it comes to my workouts, more than anywhere else in my life, excuses are a thing of the past. I prioritize them like my full-time job and work out morning or night, rain or shine, when it’s the last thing I want to do that day, when I have no one to keep me company, and when one body part temporarily malfunctions I find another activity to compensate. I even schedule my medical and hair appointments around gym time! My favorite pastime, however, is simply being one with nature so I was relieved when Weight Watchers transitioned from the word exercise, to “moving more”. That one change removed the pressures of feeling like a good workout can only take place in the gym.  Although I never thought it would ( based on the decibels reflecting on the whine meter back at the initial start), fitness became a way of life and my arms aren’t half bad either!







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