The most earth shattering takeaway from my powerful experience of transformation is that when it comes to life’s bloopers, there is “what ACTUALLY happened”, and then there is the “story created around it”. The story we create has the power to control our futures by crushing our spirits and snuffing out dreams before we can even get a mental grip on them.  F-E-A-R (future events APPEARING real) encourages our removal from the arena of life before we even get a firm foothold on it. It becomes easier not to risk failure or rejection so we marinate in “what if’s” as life passes us by.


Since rising to the challenge of creating unlimited possibilities, my mind has been opened in other ways. Awareness has slowly seeped in that at times I am confused as a baggage handler. Inhabitants of stories would like me to share ownership of theirs. Thanks, but no thanks! I’m tossing out my own trash, and not open to replacements. Your request that I become your baggage handler has been respectfully denied!

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