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During a recent mind-altering breakthrough, I received unexpected clarity in areas of life of which I had no idea queries were silently waiting to be processed and downloaded. Question marks had unknowingly taken up mental space, hovering just outside of my peripheral vision. They waited submissively for a conversion into full-blown epiphanies, which could only happen with my buy in and expert guidance! The defining moment recently occurred as a head on collision. A shift took place and a connecting bridge appeared between new thought processes introduced by the Landmark Forum, and previous methodologies accepted as truth when initially deciding the time was ripe for evolution. After completing an assignment which represented an opportunity for growth, I realized I’d gone too far to the left and contributed to the creation of superficial relationships. Damn!

22365156_10213001927834862_2080793685038835955_n (1)

History deceived me and in an effort to repair the damage, I overcompensated by completely denying yours truly the right to fully express myself. Once awareness seeped in, I didn’t want to inflict my wrath on anyone, even unintentionally, so it became easier to remain silent (or so I thought). Something I’d never done in the past, will never do again,  nor do I recommend based on my unpleasant experience. When the walls of frustration finally come crashing down, all kinds of pent-up debris emerges. Some of that debris might even belong to someone else but in the heat of the moment that fact won’t be taken into consideration.  A lesson learned is if “superficial” is my chosen path, that’s a sure sign that I need to honestly re-evaluate my level of “contentment” within that relationship. Those two words can’t even co-exist in the same sentence for me.








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