Heath Photography


In order to tame the recurring itch which can deceive us into believing the grass is always greener on the other side (if we aren’t careful), restless souls often fill the void of possibilities by transforming into risk-taking moonlighters.  Like Clark Kent, we play it safe during the day to ensure our four walls are secure. Afterhours, however, we allow risk to seep into our equation and like Superman, follow our pent-up passions! It is only here where we experience complete serenity.

Dale Heath is one that works full-time for “THE MAN”, but quenches his thirst with his mistress on the side, a Canon 7D. When feeling especially frisky, he’ll have a third-party tag alone for a threesome, his 17-55 go to lens! I’m an expert only on what I love, and instantly connected with his views on life! Being one myself, I believe word of mouth is imperative for the small business owner so sharing HEATH and how life occurs for him (through his lens)! If interested in illuminating your space with his artwork, or entrusting him with precious memories, you can find him on Facebook as well as on email at DHEATH5252@yahoo.com! ENJOY! (and please share!)









22279432_10213010639692653_4618584651764448013_n (1)







2 thoughts on “Heath Photography

    • That’s fabulous! I recently saw him in action at the Botanical Gardens and it was fascinating to watch him capture the smallest detail that couldn’t be seen with the average naked eye! He also shares his creativity on Facebook so feel free to follow!

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