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I glanced in the rearview mirror and noticed 2017 quickly bringing up the rear. I picked up the pace and evaluated my current status. This included, but was not limited too, all conditions/people/situations currently holding me hostage. I’d unknowingly transitioned into a bookmark, holding space for others that held too much control regarding when my page would be turned. It was my life but I only had limited access. I began secretly planning a takeover in order to escape the emotional holding pattern. Where 2017 represented lessons learned (various degrees of pain), 2018 required my remembering them for future reference while leaving the actual baggage behind.


Before moving forward, however, I felt the need for crucial conversations. It was important to pinpoint any misunderstandings on my part before taking action. More than one area required an upgrade so I began with the most challenging, relationships. I’m heading into year two of dating and while I’ve surprisingly had more positive than negative experiences, communication between the sexes seem to be at an all-time low. I couldn’t figure out why because the introduction of online dating saves wasted time thanks to the luxury of shopping from the comforts of your own home.


I’ve perused articles and videos to help bring me up to speed and the most insightful so far is Alain Botton’s “Why You Will Marry The Wrong Person”. Don’t let the title fool you, this is a great article for anyone that dates in general. There WILL be laughter involved!

SIDE BAR. Loved his definition of addiction: any pattern of behavior whereby you cannot stand to be with yourself and certain of the more uncomfortable thoughts and emotions that come with being on your own. WOW!


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