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I’m still in shock that I’m finally at the end of my first book writing experience. I’ve been at this for almost 1.5 years and while I’m literally flipping cartwheels in my mind about the fact that I’ll be a published author later this year, the stress of writing while working two jobs, blogging, dating, and responding to life appropriately as it happens is totally overwhelming! My deadline is tomorrow, Tues April 16th! OMG! I have the meat of a second book in mind, but I will need at least a year of recovery before I start! As we speak, I’m trying to crank out at least 50 additional pages before I reach the point of exhaustion this evening, which could be anytime between 5 and 7pm! Editing will start April 24th and I will share more as I travel through the process! I haven’t decided which photo I will use for the cover, but I’m thinking the back cover will be the one below from my Kerry Magazine photo shoot of last summer.


I’m currently working on my dating chapter, sharing on how my Counselor manipulated me into returning to a world I had no intention of re-visiting post-divorce and had been successful at sticking with five years. I wasn’t pleased with her suggestion as I had no plans to get back into the rat race after divorce. She won the fight (with manipulation, which I didn’t figure that out until later). and my homework was to create an online dating profile. I needed to return with a status update within a week. When creating my dating profile, I hadn’t yet started on my Life Coach certification so wasn’t aware of my RED personality type based on the Hartman Personality Profile. Good thing I’ve already found the love of my life, Daniel M. If this list had gone public before experiencing me in live time, it could have been a serious dealbreaker, lol….


Stay tuned for more regarding my book, Renewal Of The Mind: The Upside To Schizophrenia. I’m really looking forward to my return to blogging my own thoughts and responding to blogs of the other WordPress bloggers! For now, it’s back to the business at hand!


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