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Normally I post quotes that represent my feelings on the topic. Graced with an extended June 15th deadline to complete my first book, I’m still plugging away between two jobs and other priorities and are excited to interact with/support others here that have done the same for me. However, I NEEDED to stop and encourage ANY woman reading my contribution to summon the courage to remove yourself from the death grip of someone you even THINK might be a narcissist! During a five-year hiatus post-divorce, I was of the opinion that a man would never again receive an opportunity to hurt me. Apparently, God had other plans and worked on my heart with the defibrillator behind the scenes.  I finally understood the issue wasn’t all men were evil. My picker was dysfunctional and required I learn HOW to do a better job in the selection process (serious advantage later!). During my adventures, I’ve experienced the wrath of two narcissists and literally THANK GOD my self-esteem is strong enough to cut bait and jump ship before I sink with it! I have enough self-awareness to know when I’m not simply being picky, there is something VERY WRONG! Everything here was my EXACT experience except I’ll add two months was the average time frame the crazy was held in before it couldn’t be controlled any longer. Narcissists are professionals at making you believe YOU are the problem so BEWARE!!! If it’s someone you know suffering through this, SAY SOMETHING in the spirit of love, and then drop it. The final decision is theirs (and they may or may not listen) but I owe an honorable mention at least once and then need to respectfully drop it.

9 thoughts on “Daily Post/Narcissism

    • I never looked at it like that! VERY PROFOUND and I absolutely agree with you on breaking our soul! I can see that happening had I stayed with the two I briefly dated. It becomes clear for me two months in. I believe that’s the length of time it takes for them to burst like a dam and allow the ego to run free. I’m so grateful I’ve intentionally done so much work on myself over the years that when I see or even feel that something isn’t right, I walk away from it. That didn’t begin until in my mid forties but it has certainly made a difference now that I’ve returned to dating in my 50’s!

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