Daily Post/Assumption


I recently transferred to a new position within my company more in alignment with my future goals. It’s been two weeks and learning a new set of skills already has me excited about going to work in the mornings. It’s been ten years since feeling like I belonged. A challenge Weight Watcher members usually face (upon entering new environments) are comments regarding how we eat. Adjustments must be made, including a change in mindset to increase our odds of success. Everyone at my old location understands I’m a repeat Weight Watcher’s offender who made goal on my fourth try. They simply consider me weird and stopped focusing/commenting once they realized this wasn’t temporary. After a while, there was an immediate assumption I would not join them in the fat feast, and they finally stopped pushing it on me.  It’s time to train new associates.


12 years of maintenance after a seventy-pound loss, and I thought I’d heard it all. Not quite! A co-worker stated as she passed around the cronut box, “If I’m going to be fat, I want everyone else to be fat with me!” I did inform her I have no plans to regain my 70 pounds, but her comment raised questions. Each time others (who know we are trying to get healthy) push food on us anyway, regardless of our request not too, that’s probably how they REALLY feel inside. She simply felt comfortable sharing her thoughts..  

I will say once and for all, NOTHING tastes as good as being healthy feels!




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