Texas Gazelle Meet AND Greet!

I recently had the pleasure of gazelling around in Waco, Texas with my sight unseen Dave Ramsey sisters! We’ve supported each other on social media many years but never met face to face. It was a phenomenal experience not only because we were all on a journey to punch debt in the face when our paths initially crossed and ALL out of debt by our meeting, but also because there is NOTHING as mouth-watering as Texas Barbeque (OMG!). As a recovering food addict (maintaining a 70-pound weight loss via Weight Watchers 11 years now), I could have crawled into the sauce and never come out! I reluctantly shared my leftovers with a homeless woman on the way back to the car and it hurt a little! Eventually, I came to my senses and realized she clearly needed the calories more than I did, and selfishness turned into gratitude that I possibly provided her with the best meal she’s had in quite a while!


Chrishawn (beauty on the far right below in the emerald dress) is the SMARTEST young adult I’ve ever encountered!) and I’ve already adopted her in my heart. She’s intense about life and debt, makes NO EXCUSES (her nerdlike spreadsheets on the wall as a constant progress reminder were proof!), and has a huge heart, opening her home to help with my expenses. She treated me like royalty and politely asked if she could complete a quick Shipt shopping excursion for extra cash offered while we were watching a movie.  My response, “GO MAKE THAT MONEY GURRRRLLLLL”. Erin (in the middle) is as intense about her journey (also an FPU Coordinator), as she is quiet, lol…When sharing challenges her epiphany was that being debt free allows a voice to speak without fear of losing your job. BAM!!!!! I never looked at it that way before but it was always my truth when carrying my mountain of debt. FEAR controlled my tongue, even when valid and there were a few other misappropriations accepted on jobs as a young adult for the same reason.


There is nothing more powerful than the support of others working towards the same goal while in the process myself. I calculated my journey at 10 years, (thankfully it only took 7 and was reached in 2015) and had it not been for one of these members specifically,  fellow blogger Jennifer Haston (jenniferhastonsays.com), I would have abandoned ship after temporarily losing sight of the finish line several years in. Dave was right when he said working the steps will magnify the true problems in a marriage and could lead to divorce if both partners aren’t invested.  Once stupidity is pointed out in FPU, the partner most committed will want to immediately cease the dumbness but the other will find excuses to continue.  Based on my son’s diagnosis of Schizophrenia (catalyst for getting out of debt), I decided losing my relationship was worth the risk and rolled the dice because there is no cure for mental illness. After wasting energy searching for a quick fix exactly one year, I knew my only option was placing myself in a better financial position. When I lost my footing after losing my marriage, Jennifer put on her uniform and begin to cheer me on from Texas! She held my hand across the miles and is “THE REASON” I got back up. I didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel with one income and thought my goal impossible. It’s funny what we can achieve when we are willing to put in the work, have the right mindset, and connect with an unstoppable support system!









4 thoughts on “Texas Gazelle Meet AND Greet!

  1. Juante, I am typing this through tears. You are a true inspiration and it was and IS a joy to support you and I am so grateful to know you and look forward to many more meet-ups in the future. I can’t wait to stand in line to buy your book. I love you! You inspire me and will inspire MANY more!


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