Faith Christian Center’s Movies and Musings month!

Almost two years in, I’m still experiencing the honeymoon phase at my life-altering place of worship, Faith Christian Center. Their method of teaching is innovative and perfect for today’s short attention spans. The motto is to “change the way people see church”, and FCC meets you wherever you are. Our three services (8am,10am, 12pm) are streamed online (awesome so I can watch from work on Sunday or Wed night) and enjoyed from many states and several countries! Which is a true testament to how A-MA-ZING they are!


February is movie month, which I’ve nicknamed movies and musings because a powerful word happens between each 10-minute snippet. If there in person, popcorn and drinks are provided for free as you enter the main sanctuary, thoughtfully decorated like a movie theater, lol. Our first phenomenal showing was Woodlawn, the second Collateral Beauty, which I’ve attached the link for. Our First Lady provided a powerful message (and testimony) between each scene related to Time, Death and Love. maxresdefault (58)

Message From Ericka Moore:

Need wisdom on how to respond to a death of a loved one, death of a dream, or loss of an opportunity? Ever been so hurt you thought you could never love again? Ever been frustrated with your life because it seems you’re in a race against time to see all of your potential realized? Then you need to watch my teaching from last night’s teaching at Faith Christian Center “At the Movies.”


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