Homelessness – We Are the Solution by July 25, 2018 | Charles S. Purcell

Today’s share is on another change agent. I met Charles, founder of Homeless United, on Facebook. Although in Washington D.C. with a different focus (my specific target is the SMI population), ALL lives matter. Homelessness, like mental health challenges, does not discriminate. Both can happen to anyone, at any time. I believed the homeless count of 36,000 is excessive in Arizona and was disturbed to learn other states have double the numbers! Especially since there are enough Advanced Degrees in the world to solve this problem. I’m starting to believe the noise that the homeless crisis will remain as long as there is no benefit to solving it. What’s interesting about his Charle’s story is that even though currently homeless, he’s still committed to making a difference. It takes a special kind of soul to sacrifice their problems and take on the plight of others!



Help humans in need. Over half a million people in the United States don’t have a place to call home.

My name is Charles S. Purcell, III and my vision is to raise awareness that homeless lives matter. I know this is a huge undertaking, but to climb a mountain, you must take the first step. The funds raised will go towards purchasing T-shirts with the message “Please Raise Awareness: #HomelessLivesMatter” printed on them and passing them out to homeless people for free. People know there are homeless people, but they are seen and not seen. The shirts will make those people wearing them stand out. People will take notice and the more people see the message, the more people will realize how horrible the homeless situation is. There are a lot of assumptions about people living on the street, and most of them are incorrect. That is the mindset I want to help change and to bring about real, lasting solutions to the homeless problem.

Homeless United was birthed from my own experience of being homeless. One night I walked passed a woman who sleeps in front of a convenience store in Foggy Bottom. For those of your not from Washington, DC, Foggy Bottom is where George Washington University is located. When I walked past her, I said to myself; “Something should be done. There is no reason why this woman should be living this way.” As I walked a little further, I heard a soft, inner voice as clear as day say; “Now you know how I feel.” There is no doubt in my mind that was the voice of God. This is why I have taken up this cause. At that very moment, I knew my purpose and my calling. But I can’t do it alone. I need your help.

There are about 8,500 homeless in Washington, DC and about 3,700 homeless in Pittsburgh, PA area. I live in Washington, DC now, but I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. These two areas are the starting point, but not limited to these areas. I see the message being spread across the country, and even global. But I have to start somewhere and these two areas will be the focal point. The shirts are red with white printing. The major colors used by emergency organizations are red and white. So the subliminal message given is that homelessness is a state of emergency. Also, another side goal is to get #HomelessLivesMatter trending on social media.

I also hope that Homeless United will be able to unite with other homeless organizations. To combine our efforts and not duplicating them. To build a strong coalition to combat the homeless problem. Working together, we can push the agenda so there will be changes made to programs that are now in place so they will work more efficiently. To help homeless people get housed and stay housed. To help them be able to live with dignity and grace. People need to know that there is more to a homeless person than someone who is lazy and doesn’t want to work. Most of the time that isn’t the issue at all. Most people just want an opportunity. A hand up, not a handout.

I need supporters who will get in the trenches with me. Is that you? Please help me so we can help make a difference in the homeless community and change peoples perceptions of the homeless. Join me and be part of a revolution. People need to know that #HomelessLivesMatter.

Learn more about Charles and his mission to help the homeless here:  http://www.gofundme.com/homelessmatter


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