Mid Year Check-Up

One of the reasons I love my place of worship, Faith Christian Center, is that they keep it real, but with laughter. We’re also held accountable not only for how we treat others (especially outside of the church), but how we treat ourselves. Each month has a theme, and for July it’s HALFTIME! Minister Colbert checked in on where we stood with commitments made at the start of the year! Did we leave our comfort zone to make things happen and are still on track, or did we stay in the boat when the pressure became too intense? I’ve included the steps in case you’d like to check your own progress!

R-Rest  Evaluation of the first half   A-Adjustments to the game plan  P-Prepare for Impact




A willingness to set the ego aside to learn is commendable, but wisdom is only so when there’s an application of knowledge. I’ve personally never found it useful to make time for self-improvement and attend growth seminars, only to let the knowledge turn into clutter. It took four Weight Watcher attempts to remain disciplined and finally lose the seventy pounds I’ve kept off twelve years now. On my first three attempts, I stopped each time I realized I was wasting my money because I was still allowing food to control me. I’ve done better with goals since that time because once I learned the steps for success, I realized they were useful in every area of my life. I was never perfect but I would definitely auto-correct (after a while) when I fell off the wagon. Self-discipline allowed me to work three jobs consecutively to get out of debt (Dave Ramsey’s FPU) and graduate a son from college debt with an Engineering Degree DEBT FREE! The harder goals still require intense, so I evaluated my own progress as Minister Colbert taught from the boat, lol.


My goal was to advocate for the mental health population as my son had been homeless since November 2018. Schizophrenia didn’t place him in a homeless status, it was his choice in partner. He’d worked full time as a Case Manager in the mental health arena and maintained an apartment and car for six years. He lost EVERYTHING, including his job over a dysfunctional relationship. Fighting for my son alerted me to the current mental health/homelessness crisis. When I visited him in the park with supplies, where he still lives from his car a year later, I witnessed a substantial homeless population. Stigma had me believe drugs lead to homelessness, but I’ve learned from listening to these detached souls that most were there the same reason as my son. Income was lost, and they couldn’t regain their footing with support. I couldn’t fight for my son and not others when they had no one. We are in a society seduced and desensitized by social media, and people simply don’t care about these forgotten voices that can return to a life of purpose with support.

Kids at Bag Filling Party

And so D² Homes for the Homeless was birthed. I’m so on track that I fell into the R for rest category! You can now find my 501c3 and support our mission at Dsquared4homeless.org, on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. I’ve incorporated a Volunteen program, and kids will now earn Community service hours through our Red Bag homeless outreach program.  We collect supplies from the community and deliver to the homeless population in my backpacks. Mental illness can’t always be seen, so oo get supplies into their hands, I’ve partnered with a few agencies that serve this population. The Crisis Intervention Team of Scottsdale, Az agreed to deliver our bags on their mental health calls, and two other agencies have decided to fill our backpacks on their own and offer to the homeless population as they conduct business throughout their day. Photos are attached, feel free to like us on Facebook at D-Squared Homes for the Homeless!











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