What Is Your Purpose In Life-Dharius Daniels

I appreciate Pastor Dharius’s focus on educating the masses regarding their purpose on earth. Everyone was born with a calling on their life, and it isn’t necessarily working for “the man”. It’s to fulfill a need for something missing on earth and when it isn’t done, those requiring your assigned contributions to the world aren’t met. I always refer to myself as a late bloomer because I’ve learned much of what really matters later in life. I realized I wasn’t planted in an environment where the message could manifest, which is in a church where the Pastor manages to connect with my heart. Always so busy working 2-3 jobs the last thirty-one years, I couldn’t hear God’s calling on my life through the noise. Once educated that I was born with a calling on my life, it made sense. Not once in my thirty-seven years of working have I been happy in my position.  I accepted positions that provided for my children as a single mom. This year I heard God loud and clear because I made space by quitting my part-time job. My purpose is to partner with Him to support those with mental health challenges, which runs in my family.


My nonprofit, Dsquared Homes for the Homeless (Dsquared4homeless.org) was an idea in February and reality in April. I was worried about taking the leap of faith because I knew nothing about nonprofits. That’s why it was a relief to learn that the gifts, talents, and skills required are already inside of me. HE has my back and if I weren’t sure, it has already been proven by the supernatural growth Dsquared has had in these few short months. Soon I will post a blog on our three different programs supporting the homeless community but for today, I’m working hard to complete the book started three years ago, Renewal of the Mind: The Upside to Schizophrenia. October 31st is my updated and last deadline. While I thought sharing my family story that proves recovery from mental health is possible, I was thinking too small and it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Dsquared will create a movement that supports our mission to create transitional housing for the Serious Mental Illness (SMI) population. It doesn’t matter who refuses to help when God has already what it will be.

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