Year Three of DSquared Homes For The Homeless!

In April of 2022, I will hit my third year anniversary of stepping out on faint launching my nonprofit, DSquared Homes for the Homeless! We have fabulous teams in three cities, who gather once a month to fill bags for the homeless! Some of our amazing sponsors include Bombas Socks (another 5,000 recently shipped) , Hanes, United Health Care, Midwest Food Bsnk, and AARP. What’s most meaningful is that from April of 2021, we’ve assisted several individuals through our GAP, prevention of homelessness program, which is funded by the community, not grants, which is incredible! This years focus is on marketing and fundraising which will require another major learning curve since it’s hard to find volunteers in those areas because everyone wants to get paid, but the team is up to the task! We’re currently learning how to build and maintain a presence on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and YouTube, where you can follow us at DSquared4Homeless, or DSquared Homes For The Homeless depending on the platform! Learn more about and other ways to support us at We’re a work in progress so I’m sure you’ll get done great laughs during our learning curve!

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