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When I was a little girl, I was told “just be yourself,” as if this were a magic wand fix for all of life’s troubles. You don’t have any friends? Just be yourself! You’re a weird, awkward kid? Just be yourself! You dress funny and the kids push you to the ground at recess? Just […]

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If you’re over 50, you should be thinking about how you plan on maintaining your fitness level,. Common changes that take place as you age can threaten your ability to stay in good physical and mental shape. But here’s some positive news: how quickly and drastically those changes appear may be up to you. In […]

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As I took in and sifted through info while attending my Landmark transformational seminar, I experienced an awakening. It was one of several breakthroughs experienced over the 3.5 day AMAZING seminar! In spite of various self-help programs participated in that inspired growth by leaps and bounds over the last century, I’d overlooked (or maybe wasn’t ready for?) something important. While proud of the huge increase in my level of communication skills and willingness to agree to disagree (when I needed to be right all the time in the past), I’d unintentionally participated in fraudulent activity.


I wasn’t satisfied in a few key relationships in my life, but didn’t share how they were occurring for me. I’d attempt to bring up my challenge, and would then shut down in frustration when I couldn’t effectively get my point across. Because I was already always listening in the past (listening only to respond but not actually HEARING what was being said), the new version of me post self-help groups overcompensated. The pendulum swung too far to the left and I no longer expressed myself. This was a hard pill to swallow and I realized I had taken a backwards step directly into the victim mentality. In the end it seemed easier to keep the peace.


Reality was highly disappointing. Based on my open mind and willingness to change, I assumed I would be able to communicate with anyone and everyone. What I’ve learned is that I can’t expect others to react to my training simply because I’ve placed value on the opposite opinion and became willing to agree to disagree and move on. I can have an opinion but I don’t know what’s right for others. The last time I checked, I was not GOD. Once this epiphany downloaded, I was encouraged to cease the fraudulent activity by finally speaking my truth in the areas needed. Although the hope was that after expressing myself fully I could create new, authentic relationships, that didn’t happen (thankfully we were warned of this ahead of time). I did experience that level of completeness after speaking my unsaid, however. Emotional weight I didn’t even realize I was carrying was immediately lifted! I guess it’s true what Iyanla VanZant says, “you have to meet people where they are, and sometimes you have to leave them there!”



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I’ve been marinating in this word uncomfortably since sunrise. I wasn’t sure why, but I couldn’t follow my normal routine of finding expressive words that inspire, motivate and touch my heart when hours are precious commodities! When I don’t know what I don’t know, I attempt to patiently wait for the answer to download. If I force the process, I will miss whatever message the universe is attempting to share.


The download occurred and the message received was that it’s impossible for me to live an exceptional life while trying to stay afloat using Samsonite as a life line! Major accomplishments only became possible after acknowledging that some really shitty events took place (as they do for everyone), but that doesn’t mean they are to be used as a crutch to prevent forward movement. Choosing to live an exceptional life that allows me to use my past only to motivate and inspire is the choice I’ve made! It’s great to have choices!

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In order to tame the scale and keep love handles at a minimum, I consistently participate in programs offered through my employer. I’m a twelve-year recovering food addict that will always be one french fry away from a relapse. On my three previous Weight Watchers attempts, I had no idea an addiction to food was possible. Once my heart accepted this new reality and I approached the program as such, I begin to slowly shed the baby weight I’d never been able to rid myself of. Unfortunately my kids were teenagers by then! After finally discovering the blue print, I reached goal in 2.5 years! It was literally the first time in life that I was truly overcome with emotion. Always considered obese, my 40’s found me the smallest I’d ever been in my in my life even as a teenager! Although I’d disintegratred from a size 22 to a 10, my excitement was short-lived! I became frustrated because “maintaining” was yet another beast to conquer! With losing no longer a focus, it was hard to stay motivated. Eventually I realized I wouldn’t keep the hard fought title without a continuous goal to strive for.


I made two commitments. Quarterly 5K’s (to ensure I always had a goal), and participation in EVERY free wellness/fitness program offered by my employer. I considered it a personal blessing when our new Coordinator resurrected our dead and buried wellness program. She came bearing gifts, community reinforcements that taught zumba, yoga and meditation on campus as well as she herself lead bi-monthly  group hikes. Kristina also implemented health screenings through which I learned of  (breast mass, high cholesterol, high blood pressure) issues gone undetected as I hadn’t yet learned the importance of yearly physicals (even though I was in my 40’s!).

The current program, Real Appeal, is my all-time favorite of the many opportunities provided over the years. It is literally a complete fitness program in a box and multiple success tools are provided FREE with participation (see photo on the right). In addition to the various tools listed, my favorite feature are the weekly online group coaching sessions. My group connects Tuesday morning at 7am (various times offered through the day and evening) to discuss a weekly topic, celebrate successes and brainstorm challenges. It’s similar to my Weight Watcher meeting except I participate from bed with no concern about what I’m wearing. We weigh ourselves weekly and are required to log our progress for accountability.


Since we are nearing the end of our 52 week session, today’s discussion focused on ten ways to be successful at weight loss long term. Soon we won’t have the luxury of meet ups so we are gearing up to fly solo! Today I’m sharing our discussion and please feel free to add your input!

1. Rebound quickly-Don’t allow a slip to turn into a slide

2.Problem solve-Figure out the reason for the setback

3.Continue setting goals-Make sure they are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely)

4.Manage time effectively-(excuses do not burn calories)!

5.Plan/track meals-I’m more likely to eat junk if I don’t have meals planned and prepped

6.Avoid portion creep-Eye-balling portions doesn’t work, measuring is the only way to be aware of exact amounts

7.Fill up on fewer calories-Eat smarter, sticking with filling foods (instead of empty calories) as often as possible

8.Silence your inner critic-Don’t beat yourself up, the world does that enough for us. Start over at the next meal, no need to wait for the next day or even week

9.Improve your body image-Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes! It really isn’t about what we weigh on the scale!

10.Overcome emotional road blocks-Weight loss is 80% mental. I needed to figure out WHY I ate the way I did, before I could really be successful.




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In order to tame the recurring itch which can deceive us into believing the grass is always greener on the other side (if we aren’t careful), restless souls often fill the void of possibilities by transforming into risk-taking moonlighters.  Like Clark Kent, we play it safe during the day to ensure our four walls are secure. Afterhours, however, we allow risk to seep into our equation and like Superman, follow our pent-up passions! It is only here where we experience complete serenity.

Dale Heath is one that works full-time for “THE MAN”, but quenches his thirst with his mistress on the side, a Canon 7D. When feeling especially frisky, he’ll have a third-party tag alone for a threesome, his 17-55 go to lens! I’m an expert only on what I love, and instantly connected with his views on life! Being one myself, I believe word of mouth is imperative for the small business owner so sharing HEATH and how life occurs for him (through his lens)! If interested in illuminating your space with his artwork, or entrusting him with precious memories, you can find him on Facebook as well as on email at! ENJOY! (and please share!)









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